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Our Story

"What do you mean we have to stop off in Miami to refuel? I paid for a direct flight."  There were a few more exhanges of words, but it was clear the airline didn't care how I or the other passengers started on our trip to Ecuador.  We were scheduled on a direct flight out of Newark Liberty International Airport to Ecuador and before we boarded we were told that the flight would be making a stop in Miami to refuel.  It didn’t make sense.  Why would we have to refuel in Miami when we were still at our gate in Newark? Why was the fuel better in Miami?

We finally took off and the crew assured us that the stop would only be about 45 minutes in Miami; it wasn’t. Our stop in Miami lasted over two hours! People were angry. The crew tried to keep us calm with drinks (libations not included) which didn't solve the issue.  Moreover, they were extremely rude and unapologetic!  Needless to say the entire flight experience was filled with disappointment.

Upon arriving home from Ecuador, I contacted the airline and after being on hold for almost 30 minutes I was told I am not entitled to any compensation and the complaint will be noted.  Out of frustration I posted it on Facebook, which helped me vent but I wasn't satisfied.  I searched the web for a site to share the bad flight experiences so we can alert other travelers, but really couldn’t find one. That’s when was born!

Our Mission allows the airline travelers to get up on their soapboxes and let their voices be heard by the airlines.  Everyone makes mistakes, but it's the Customer Service we receive that creates the experience.  We really care about improving the passenger communication with the airlines and would love for you to join our movement!

On The Runway

We have big plans and are utilizing our industry contacts to build a unique community for, you, the airline traveler. Our blog has officially launched and we will also be starting our contests soon!   

Thank you for visiting We are looking forward to reading about your airline experiences, sharing ideas for better travel and getting you the Customer Service you deserve!

Safe Travels,

MyBadFlight Team