From pty to Mi on American Airlines

we took our normal flight out of panama to miami, we had a 12 hour layover, yea bullshit right? so we waited and waited, and finally went to the gate to get checked in. now it was around 6 o clock in the morning when we boarded our flight. before we could leave our captain says, we will be in a 30min wait due to maintance. come to find out, our left engine had no oil in it. after 3 hours of waiting we finally left to chicago to get on our last connecting flight. we got there just in time to board the plane, i have no idea how we made it on time honestly. when we finally got to michigan we descovered that our luggage was still in chicago. we had to wait 3 days so that we could change our clothes. did i mention that it was janurary? anyway we rented 3 cars and drove from michigan to florida, we were seeing grandparents, picking up dogs ect. so we go to MIA with our three dogs, and go to check in and they say om im sorry we dont transport kane corsos. (like a pitbull) so my mother was freaking out and everything else, we had no place to stay, let alone take care of three dogs for the night. so we went into the parking garage with our suitcases and dogs, just to get out of that airport. believe it or not we rented a Dodge Charger to sleep in lol. $300 dollars later we went back across the street to the airport and checked in (after making various phone calls and talking with many people). so we get into the airport were checked in, and the lady says oh im sorry you can not leave to a nother country without return tickets. i had no fucking idea that the law had changed. so after spending $3,000 in refundable tickets, we had to wait 4 hours because we missed our flight AGAIN, until we finally left. now ive only traveled with Delta in my entire life, until last janurary where spending $1,500 a ticket was just not an option. i will never take AA again.

Posted by anonymous about 2 years ago
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