From San Francisco to Lihue on United Airlines

On 3/22/16 I called United reservations to book a round trip flight for 4 passengers from SFO to LIH. I had enough miles to get one standard award ticket. I reserved that ticket and received a confirmation code. I was told it would be held for 24 hours. I purchased the other three tickets on a credit card under a different confirmation code. Unfortunately the call cut out before I could pay the $36 fee for my miles ticket. But, I already had the confirmation code. And, since I had already been on the phone with United for 1.5 hours by this time, I did not have the energy to call back at that time. So, I called back to reservations on 3/23/16, within the 24 hour window. When I finally got through to reservations (after being on hold twice for almost 2 hours) I was told that somehow magically overnight my miles flight was no longer eligible for miles travel and I would have to pay for it with my credit card. Another $1600 dollars!! What is the point of having miles if I cannot use them? What is the point of having a mileage plus program if United will make it impossible for people to redeem rewards? How can United use such dirty tactics such as changing the eligibility of a flight overnight?!?! This is absolutely the worst customer service experience of my life. I cannot believe I have used our mileage plus explorer credit card dutifully for all these years, trying to earn miles, only to be treated so terribly when I finally try to use them. United should be ashamed of themselves! United has lost a previously loyal customer!

Posted by anonymous over 1 year ago
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